• Cycling to Work: A Better Way to Roll?

    Posted on April 3, 2015 by in health behaviors, workplace wellness


    It’s that time of the year when cyclists get their bikes tuned up for getting back into the saddle and breathing in the fresh spring air. Some even commute to work. Should companies encourage bicycle commuting?

    I was a peer-reviewer for an article that appeared this past year in Preventive Medicine. The study examined the risks and benefits associated with bicycle commuting. One of the findings was that the benefits outweigh the risks more and more as a person ages. So the cardiovascular benefits for a 55-year-old outweigh the risk of that person getting into an auto accident.

    Questions employers can consider when deciding whether to put resources toward encouraging and facilitating bicycle commuting:

    1) How bike-friendly is our city? Check out Bicycling magazine’s best bike cities of 2014.

    2) What are our employee demographics? Employers that employ older adults may have more of a reason for encouraging bicycling to and from work—for better health and lower medical costs!

    3) Are there ways we can easily facilitate employees biking? For example, on-site showers may help some potential bikers who don’t want to feel sweaty all day. Also, see if public infrastructure already exists such as Bike Fixation’s self-service kiosks found in Minneapolis, MN.

    Happy riding this spring, and don’t forget to wear a helmet ☺

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