• mHealth Networking Conference in Chicago March 30-31, 2011

    Posted on March 26, 2011 by in health communication, health technology

    The mHealth Networking Conference is coming to Chicago this week (March 30-31, Crowne Plaza O’Hare). This is a two-day annual conference focused on the latest in opportunities, apps and strategies for supporting health using mobile devices. Attendees comprise clinicians, payers, researchers, vendors and others.

    First, a little background on mHealth…mHealth is a sub-segment of eHealth, the use of information and communication technologies to support healthcare. The mHealth Initiative describes mHealth: “enabled by mobile phones and other wireless computing devices (mDevices), is the revolutionary adoption of new communication patterns in healthcare that is stimulating the introduction of Participatory Health.” C. Peter Waegemann and Claudia Tessier lead the mHealth Initiative, a nonprofit organization based in Boston. They have been instrumental in advancing mHealth over the last decade.

    This week’s conference features speakers focused on general mobile health and trends, specific demographic groups (women, aging adults, etc.), international advancements, measurement tools, and emerging concepts and applications. A few Chicago-area speakers are on the schedule. Shantanu Nundy, a medical resident from the University of Chicago, will discuss “Text messaging as a Tool to Reduce Health Disparities” and Evan Goulding, an addiction psychiatry fellow at Northwestern University, will discuss “Cellular Telephones Measure Activity and Lifespace.” Please feel free to join my session Thursday morning when I will discuss “Data-driven Health Behavior Change and mHealth.”

    (This blog post first appeared at chicagohealthtech.org)

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