• Why do small to midsized businesses want health promotion?

    Posted on August 15, 2011 by in health costs, workplace wellness

    In a study my colleagues and I published this year in Health Promotion Practice, the results from interviews with employers indicate that employers use health promotion primarily as a strategy to improve the bottom line, rather than out of humanitarian motives which had been suggested in the previous literature. Other main findings from the article:

    1. Small to midsized employers rely heavily on health insurers and brokers for health promotion programs and information.

    2. Employers desire more information about the costs and cost-benefits of programs.

    3. Even at small companies, multiple people weigh in on health promotion decisions. This may include human resource personnel, executives, trade unions, and boards of directors.

    Small to midsized businesses employ the majority of U.S. workers and provide an ideal venue for improving the health of U.S. adults. Insights into the decision-making process can help health promotion practitioners and vendors increase adoption at these companies. Advocates can highlight the success-related benefits of health promotion to employers, use the insurance channel to reach employers and target their information to both human resources personnel and the executive managment team.

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